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support donations (was Re: future of Looper's Delight (long)

Jim wrote:
>One thing I"ve wondered about that you didn't reference unless I missed it
>but I gather Kim was paying for the hosting/domain as a labor of love.
>Are you going to need help from the community in maintaining that expense?
>I know the shirts were to generate some capital for that and though I've
>not yet purchased I'm going to.  If need be I would chip in to the site

That's an important question and I'm glad you brought it up.

Yes, Kim was paying out of his pocket as a labor of love, and I will need
help now.  For years we've had ads on our sites (which pay peanuts and
don't even begin to cover cost) and Kim has Paypal buttons on Looper's

However, all of those things were in Kim's name and I can't access them, so
I'm going to have to scramble to try to get those changed over to my
accounts.  (Google AdSense required us to lump all of our ad accounts under
one primary account, so I can't even access proceeds the Google ads on MY
site are bringing in right now.)

The t-shirts are a labor of love as well.  Zazzle requires a minimum
mark-up and it's only something like $2.00/shirt.  We left that at the
minimum, because the shirts are already a bit expensive (we went with them
because of the higher quality) and we didn't want people not to be able to
afford them, so the proceeds we're getting are a drop in the bucket and
won't come close to covering the cost, especially not over the long-term.

So it is VERY important right now that if anyone wants to donate to help
pay cost of the server/hosting, please go to MY website,
http://undented.com, and donate using the Donate button at the top of the
right-hand column.  That goes to a Paypal account that I can access myself.
All of those donations will be used to support the sites.

The server bill has been overdue for the past week, but the co-lo facility
is working with us and has given us an extension.  I've told them I will do
my best to pay on the 1st.