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Re: How do you?

Matt Davignon wrote:
> Does the technology define the musician? It's something I try to avoid
> - I hope that someone who uses the exact same gear as me would sound
> nothing like me. Also, I try not to sound like my gear *too* much. For
> example, when looping I often try to make it so the start/end points
> of the loop are not obvious, or to let the loop feel too repetitive.
Well, it all depends upon what goes IN to the looper.  Hopefully, what 
we put into a looper is marked by our own musical persona.  Once the 
sound goes into a looper, there isn't very much we can do to modify the 
sound in a way that's different from what anyone else can do.  But even 
here, there's (I hope) some room for the personal touch.  With this in 
mind, a looper is a tool and does not define the music.  It sets a part 
of the musical process but that's all.

When I'm looping, it's when I'm wearing my EM hat.  That means ambient, 
Berlin School, and experimental are the varieties of electronic music I 
may be creating at any point in time.  Don't like it?  Wait a minute... 
or less... or more!  ;-)