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Re: Mad Scientist Machine

Oh my gawd.... I have had daydreams about this.

The future really is now.

Nice work!

On Jun 5, 2010, at 5:59 PM, Charles Zwicky wrote:


  I like it.  It's not too dissimilar to Butch Morris'  "Conduction" or John Zorn's conducted improv pieces... nice work!!

-Chuck Zwicky

Hi Loopers,

It has been a long time since I've posted. My MFA has been keeping me busy but I am almost done.

While some of you know my looping software - Kenaxis - I thought you might be interested in another software/improvised music game that I've created. While not directly related to looping - it does have looping as one of its options and for many of you improv is part of the looping aesthetic. Its also coded in Max/MSP which some of you dabble with.

The software controls LED lights that are placed in front of musicians and triggered by a conductor either locally or via the internet. I had Pauline Oliveros in Oslo, Lisle Ellis in New York, John Oswald in Toronto and Paul Cram in Halifax all controlling a large improvising ensemble in Vancouver, BC.

The video makes it a lot easier to understand how it works.