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Re: How do you?

At 8:35 PM +0100 6/3/10, Matt Stevens wrote:
>I think Post-Rock is a useful term as the music i do is non rock 
>music played by ex rock musicians with rock equipment!

In the 1980's, I used very similar reasoning to embrace the term 
"Post-Industrial" to describe my music.  That never caught on, 
though, and it was later replaced by the (less-appropriate, IMNSHO) 
term "IDM".

For similar reasons, I really do enjoy and agree with the manifesto 
above.  However, I really don't like the way the words "Post-Rock" 
come together as a descriptive term.  Also, for some unknown reason, 
it keeps reminding me of a breakfast cereal: "Now! From Kellogg's! 
It's POST-ROCK. A new and exciting part of your balanced 
breakfast!!!"  Or perhaps, it just occurred to me, the name of a 
professional wrestler...?

These days I'll usually either describe my own music as "Dark 
Ambient", or else I'll merely opt for the generic "Electronica". 
Sometimes, if I'm in a particularly crabby mood and want to chase off 
an audience, I'll take up the mantle of "Noise".  That does make me 
feel like I'm doing a bit of a disservice to established Noisicians 
like Merzbow or PBK, however, who have worked uncompromisingly to 
define that genre.

Regardless, I'll usually try to throw "Live Looping" in there 
somewhere, merely to help do my part in getting the terminology out 
there.  Rarely, though, have I ever been questioned on that label. 
And when I have been asked, it hasn't taken long before I've begun to 
see the questioner glaze over.  That could just as well be due to my 
(in)ability to explain it properly, however.

"beyond this window, night is shuddering and the earth grinds to a halt
    beyond this window, something unknown is watching you and me...."