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Re: How do you?

I usually say improvised guitar-based electronica.

I then usually go on to mention the ring-modulators and loopers and slicers and delays... but I usually find myself alone pretty soon.

Live Looping is a good term to describe what holds us all together on this list, but I generally donīt use it myself, it sounds a bit like an excuse to me.. "its all live you know, no cheating!" when to be honest, I general don't mind if people do cheat a bit.

Also it doesn't describe what we sound like, just our method. I couldn't be more different musically than say... Jeff or Reyn.. but because of the method, their music fascinates me, although I would never do it (couldn't if I tried ha ha)

  I'mmy realm of musical friends it really doesn't do to even say anything about how "weird" one is, all my friends do much weirder music than me.. they all think they are some kind of post rock folk drone noise thing and Ive heard it all before...
I like Pers Unheard music, as it shows his attempt to stretch himself, Im not quite so ambitious, I think that attitude can veer towards the intellectual and boring to listen to, cos the concept becomes more important than the noise (not in Pers case tho).

I don't think that we are particularly advanced musically on this list, but we have all embraced a particular technology and are enamored of it enough to join a mailing list about it... So BAH to you Kris, are you a member of Chorus Pedals Delight Mailing list? I think not.. he he...

Funny how these simple posts are so pertinent and interesting... Where are we going with this thread? Shall we see how many sub genres there are on this list? Like... who... on this list do you think you are near musically?


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe