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Re: Digitech JamMan, Mark-god-knows-what

Hi TR,
I have both the Time Bender and actually two Vortex although I am only 
one right now.

The Time Bender while not a Vortex is in it's own right a very powerful 
delay. The looper included is just a simple phrase sampler with not many 
features and I don't use it. No feedback for example. Real basic. You can 
apply the harmonys and modulation after the loop is made and modify it.
The Time bender can "morph" from any combination of settings to any other 
combination of settings in a given delay type with an ex ped and there are 
lot of settings. I have just begun to dig into it and find new things 
As a delay it can also do short (5 sec) loops by freezing whatever is in 
while you play over it sort of like the Digitech hardwire and Digidelays. 
While it is playing back you can sweep the frozen bit with an ex ped for 
extreme mangling. The analog and dynamic delays are great! Oh and the tone 
knob, this tone knob is like no other. I am leaving out much much more. 
envelope delay pattern play!
That said I am not giving up my Vortex which is still unique, I use it for 
it's extreme stereo spread type fx. And it's a wicked little short looper 

I have another friend who got a Time Bender on this list but have not 
back from him since he got it yet. It is for me the most fun and unique 
delay pedal to come out in a long while. The combination of the harmonize 
and envelope delays, the ability to strum patterns/time sigs/key changes 
also great. when the delay is off there does not appear to be any tone 
sucking going on. No input leveal problems either. Completely modern 

Don't sell the Vortex yet but do try the Time Bender if you can. Zzsounds 
has a 30 day 100% return policy so your safe for a test drive. Make sure 
have an ex ped also. This is a passive volume pedal type. Many keyboard 
will not work with it I am told. I am using an Ernie Ball jr vol pedal. 
are rather vague about what works but there is info in the forums.

enough out of me,


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> I'd like to jump in here. Total newby on this forum,but long time 
> Vortex devotee. Which is what brings me to this. I have a stereo Jamman 
> order at my local store and must admit that I have never looked at 
> Digitech's TimeBender delay. This "Delay/Looper" appears to be a 
> TimeBender-Stereo Jamman mashup. And for $50 more than just the stereo 
> Jamman??? The real kicker is that with all the facility of TimeBender 
> (esp. morphing) I am thinking I have to change my order to this unit.And 
> can't believe there hasn't been more talk about the Time Bender because 
> all appearances it could possibly replace my Vortex all together. Albeit 
> with a wicked programming sojourn. My question is the tonal nature of 
> bypass on these units. My Vortex sounds like dogdo in bypass. I have to 
> some EQ and such after it. And the input of the Vortex is a tad touchy. 
> wouldn't mind freeing up a rack space. Am I completely deluded? I can't 
> remember how many times I've
> said,"Nothing does what the Vortex does."
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>> Subject: Digitech JamMan, Mark-god-knows-what
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>> Date: Friday, May 28, 2010, 10:24 AM
>> Anyone checked out one of these new
>> eight-button JamMan's?
>> The timestretching feature sounds interesting, for
>> starters.
>> Amazing how many loopers there are on the market these
>> days...
>> Daryl Shawn
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