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Re: Digitech JamMan, Mark-god-knows-what

I had not looked at that Daryl, interesting that they are calling it first 
delay and then a looper/phrase sampler. No manual avilable for it yet that 
could find. They do mention a "fade" loop mode, could this be some sort of 
feedback control? In any event it is nice that looping tech seems to have 
become more and more a marketable product. Interesting note, it is in the 
"specialty" catagory of products :)

thanks for pointing this out.

best, j

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Subject: Digitech JamMan, Mark-god-knows-what

> Anyone checked out one of these new eight-button JamMan's?
> The timestretching feature sounds interesting, for starters.
> Amazing how many loopers there are on the market these days...
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