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Re: (Actually ON Topic) New Brothers Quay film

Hi Halim,

Yes, the music was done before the animation; the Quays always work that way, although in this case we did some collaborative editing. They added the crickets, and extended my intro, and then we came up with a new ending using a reverbed reiteration of the intro again which crossfades into a cello crescendo I actually built from unused tracks from the original mix of the piece. (This is the short swell you can hear near the end just as the name of the product appears onscreen.) Then it ends with the crickets...

Instrumentation includes woodblock, temple blocks, snare drum, bass drum, floor toms, gong, various cymbals, cellos (there were more of them, but most were mixed down/out), the sounds of various small metal and glass objects being tapped or dropped, bubbles being blown into a glass of water through a straw... The 'harp' is actually a nylon-strung guitar and a fretless electric bass very closely doubling the piano part so that all three instruments blend together as one sound.

Most of the live looping was on the percussion instruments, which were also the first parts laid down; I used various combinations of a DL4, and RC-20, a Headrush and an EchoPro, recorded some improvisations and then did a lot of editing.

Here's the film again <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxtjoH--GbA> and here's an interview in which Stephen Quay talks a little about this and another project we're working on... <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5jsDp7cbbM>

(Did Stephen just refer to me as a "boy"????)



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That's some crazy motion and sound design! Is the visual based on song or song based on visual? Thanx for posting this.