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syncing in mainstage

chaps - i'm trying to sync a variety of plugins in mainstage and having some problems

i have 2 instances of augustus loop
the playback plugin
a delay designer plugin
and a variety of other plugins, including gateboy and audiodamge bigseq

i'm using the mainstage clock as the master and i'm hitting "play" to set it running

it's mainly the augustus loopers i'm having trouble with....they just won't lock, even though i have "host sync" ON and midi clock out on "pause"

each looper has a tempo display, which is showing the same value as the "tap tempo" value in mainstage, but they run ahead of the beat (and they'r not even synced to each other)

i tried setting the tempo to "midi in" in mainstage and selecting one of the augustus loopers as the master. i changed the settings on that looper by turning "host sync" OFF and enabling midi clock out, but that didn't work either

the playback plugin seems to be syncing ok, and the other plugins, like gateboy and big seq are ok, but the instance of delay designer i have set up to pump out a rhythmic, infinite delay pattern isn't

anybody got any tips?

i havn't tried syncing to external clock yet...basically because i don't want to have to do it