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Re: Rafa's One Man Band - Impact of looping -

Wow, well put Fro! Thanks!

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 3:30 PM, FRO DIDDLY <parispro00@hotmail.com> wrote:
little late to this one-
just read through the whole topic and wanted to thank those of ya who gave me some shout outs ;o)

side note about stanly jordan, i ran sound for him about 3 years ago at a little club in st. louis-
absolutely unbelievable- anyone who has not taken time to google him, please do so as you will not regret it -especially ryen as ive never seen anyone else play a guitar like a piano before ;o) 

there was lots of good points from everyone about a "one man band" vs a band-

my viewpoint is that there are hundred and thousands of bands........ and there is only one of me-

most bands dont give two shits about positive change or revolution- many get to speak to thousands of people every night and have nothing important to say- whereas the whole point of my music is to get to a place where i can try to spread some positivity on a global scale-
therefor,  i am very glad that i am not grouped in with that herd of bands anymore- i enjoy being the black sheep-

even though i can get a little carried away with political & social issues, the root of my project is to show people the power of one-
I wish only to help people believe in themselves and show them that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

its nice to stimulate an audience visually and via audio, but to me...... true art will stimulate your mind and make you question everything you once held as rock solid. ild imagine TOOL is one of the largest bands in the world, and they hardly move at all when they are on stage....at the end of the day, you cannot worry about pleasing everyone, you can only hope that your music will find itself upon the ears of those who will appreciate it

keep up the good work rafa-
the beautiful thing about being a solo looper, is that the only enemy you have is yourself-
believe in yourself and you are invincible-


"A one-man-band psychedelic story-teller fueled by the belief that a single person can change the course of an entire universe."

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