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Re: Jeff Duke looping live right now

A little late to the party as usual, but I have to say that Jeff's event 
was spectacular.  I checked out the archived recordings the next day and 
was truly impressed. The video was interesting and helpful in 
differentiating the pieces, but Jeff really shines in the almost 
effortless way that his  music shifted gears over the course of the 
evening.  My late-night journey veered from relaxing ambient textures to 
amped-up chopped and manic glitchiness.

I was particulary impressed in that most or all of the music appeared to 
be wholly improvised - but I have to believe that programming soft 
synths and glitch scripting must have taken a huge amount of time in 
pre-production. The end result is about as seamless as it could be.

Well Done!

Dan Ash
White Plains, NY

Play what you don't know.  -Miles Davis