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which macbook?

macbook owners - which one of these two macbooks is the better deal?

i plan to use it for live recording (using logic) and hosting mobius in mainstage for live looping. i don't need a massive hard drive - any recordings done will be transferred to my desktop for mixing etc

they're both 15" models with 4Gig of RAM.

this one is 1099 (2.53Ghz) - http://store.apple.com/uk/product/FC118B/A?mco=MTA4MzQ4MTg#overview

and this one is 1399 (2.66Ghz)- http://cardiff.gumtree.com/cardiff/90/57530390.html

1399 is just outside my budget, but i'm prepared to stretch if the extra 0.13Ghz and graphics memory is worth it

thanks guys!