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echoplex question

Folks who know echoplex EDP .. would LOVE some advice,  thanx alot in advance!

trying to decide which equipement to buy and wondering about capabilities of echoplex boxes..

if a loop sample is playing, can i adjust the tempo using tap tempo on the fly and have it change speed of the sample slightly?

Or if it is using external timing master, similarly will it handle slight change in tempo on the fly be slightly changing the speed of the sample?

i was going to get a RC-50, but then i heard that if you change tempo it butchers the sample to hell, and also it can't use external sync reliably, so seems worthless for the uses i described above...  i want to play w/ a live drummer and i think it will be very difficult if i can't adjust tempo and/or sync to his click. 

I'm wondering what is cheapest decent quality looper i can get into that WILL do these things..   

also VERY important -- I also need it to capture a sample and default to single shot mode so i can re-trigger the sample as a one shot at will, having it re-start right after i first complete the capture (on pedal press to capture & restart) and then to re-start whenever i hit the pedal... i suppose that should be no problem for EDP w/ the right midi commands (e.g. stutter mode, restart at will and call up multiple such samples in this manner after i've captured afew different ones..)

any help greatly appreciated!!!  i'm kind of lost as to which box to go after which will do these things... 

thanks a million!