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Re:Acoustic Looping Rig

Thanks Andre',  you sweet man. Yes I was using my DTAR solstice at  
that gig. I pretty much don't use my Rane SM-82 mixer  any longer and  
instead use this.
Stereo is a bit tricky,  as its a mono device, but each channel has an  
individual  XLR output as well as separate inserts so its possible  
to,  for instance, send my effects processor in stereo and the units  
main XLR out in mono. Though I love stereo and stereo effects, I find  
I'm not that attached to it during live performance. If someone made a  
tiny stereo mixer that could fit in a half rack I'd be happy, but I  
sure don't want to buy an ancient Boss half rack mixer unless I could  
find one in mint condition. Those things were a bit noisy as I recall