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Re: EDP credits (was: Few questions about foot controllers)

On 17 Apr 2010, at 21:26, Clifford Novey wrote:

very true! here is more about this story:

I see this as something that could potentially extend the possibilities of the EDP far beyond the FCB1010 and even create possibilities that have not previously existed (at least without great customized effort). For example one pad could be rounded insert top, unrounded insert bottom, etc. and even more intricate- all from a single bank/patch. Maybe switch modes on the fly. Set up strings of commands. Access multiple loops and many other commands from a single controller setup avoiding bank switching.
Yes, we thought about this, too! 
I am going to visit Keith the next weeks, so if you have suggestions...
but top and bottom of the same button would just be a less secure variation of using two small buttons close together, no?
I am keen to try that thing...
Small world! I don't have any suggestions at the moment but if I do will certainly let you know! I guess one thought is how it will be powered in stand alone mode- the ability to use standard 200ma barrel connectors that most effect pedals use would be perfect.
As for the "variation of 2 small buttons"- yes- I have thought how this could be pretty tricky in practice but def worth a try. I am imagining related commands on a single switch, like all the insert cmds on one, all the overdub on another- so if you do press the wrong spot maybe you would not make such a big "mistake" I am also curious if there will be sensitivity settings that can be adjusted to help. In the end we will just have to see how it works in practice and it sounds like you will be the first one of us to try it with an EDP- so a prompt and full report is expected!
Wow- I just read the loopdev web page and I must say I am proud to be a small part of such a home grown and passionate project! I didn't fully understand the extent of Kim's involvement

you are right, I just updated that text

Keith was such a critical part of the G EDP - had no idea. That is encouraging as I would expect him to be receptive to the input of users of the EDP!

he is overbusy with all the projects at http://www.keithmcmillen.com
Anyway- I also remember Kim fixing my unit for me when the crystals were bad (rare occurence)

yes, he was very helpful. after 2000 Andy Ewen did this job excellently, I just added him to the credit page, too!

and it is just another thing I like about this project- the connection to the people working on it- no impenetrable corporate wall.
well, the wall was a huge problem for me. only Kim managed to cross it. Keith crashed with it. I became depressive. 
but what you perceive is that we are on the same side of the wall :-)