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SPAM - Looperlative LP-1

i'm currently having a massive gear sale and selling off pretty much everything i own to fund a move to a more compact, semi software setup

my electrix repeater is currently on ebay, but i am also selling off my lp-1, lexicon mpx-1 and tc d2 (which will go on ebay tomorrow)

later on, i will be selling my mesa triaxis, eventide eclipse and tc g-force

if you are interested in any of the above, please get in touch off list

many thanks

ps - for those interested, here is the full list with prices in UK pounds -

Mesa Triaxis 650
Mesa 50/50 800
Rocktron Xpression 220
Behringer Eurorack 16-ch mixer 80
TC G-Force 500
Eventide Eclipse 1000
TC D2 120
Looperlative LP-1 600
Lexicon MPX-1 200
Boss Slicer 80
Tech21 Tri-Ac 80
Tech21 Midi Mouse 50
Marshall Guv'nor 60
Korg Kaoss Pad KP-2 100
Boss SE-70 100
Rack cases 4u, 6u, 12u 60-100
Kenton midi merge 50
Electrix Repeater 700 

i'm looking to buy a Macbook pro (not the newest ones, the previous gen), a fractal audio axefx ultra, a tc konnect live, two qsc k10 monitors and ni reaktor/komplete 5