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Re: email formatting - was Re: DOSH: live looper

Sorry about that guys,

In Thunderbird, which I use, I just noticed that if I
write in HTML and then turn it off that it retains
the bold letters that I've included in the formatted text.

when I get those same posts back in the daily digest
they read exactly as I've sent them.......bold letters in
bold but not in HTML.

This must be reformatting in some browsers unbeknownst to me
so I'll quit doing it with apologies.

And now that I've got your attention,  my pet peeve:

Please quit quoting all the previous posts in your reply,  it makes it so
several daily digests have to be sent and the whole purpose of the daily
is to avoid the plethora of unwanted posts in one's mailbox (my is
overfull on a daily basis).

I'll be considerate and stop this formatting trick I honestly thought was

Please consider doing the same with the overquoted replies that are just
caused by
hitting reply without editing.