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Re: Need some advice please

I've sold a lot of stuff on eBay.

It's normal if you haven't sold much stuff to get a hold put on. 
However....if PayPal is telling you to ship, DO NOT SHIP until you know 
have been paid and you can deposit the money.  If it was a 10 dollar item, 
I'd ship it anyway.  But not with a 760 dollar item.


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Subject: Re: Need some advice please

> Seems sketchy to me. No response? No shipment... Most Paypal transactions
> are virtually instantaneous. Are you even certain the notice was really 
> from
> Paypal?
> Maybe advise him nothing is changing hands until the funds are in your
> control, see if that doesnt generate a response.
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> Subject: Need some advice please
> I'm sorry to bother you all,  but I figured some of you had bought and
> sold some expensive toys over the years and might know about this.
> Let me start by saying I am a broke medical student with almost no
> online trading experience.
> After putting my EDP on craigslist and here on the list for some time, I
> finally decided to sell it on ebay. I had never really sold anything on
> the bay before.
> Anyway, yesterday it closed for what I think is a great sale price
> ($760). I was pretty happy.
> The winning bidder has 0% feedback  though and the account was started
> in January. (Sketchy?) I sent him a message before and after the sale,
> but got no response which made me even more nervous. Today I received a
> notice from paypal that the payment is pending in my account but won't
> be released for 21 days.
> Is this normal? Should I ship the Echoplex? Anyone have any advice to
> calm my nerves or tell me what to look out for?
> Thank you,
> Ace