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Re: Need some advice please

Seems sketchy to me. No response? No shipment... Most Paypal transactions
are virtually instantaneous. Are you even certain the notice was really 

Maybe advise him nothing is changing hands until the funds are in your
control, see if that doesnt generate a response.

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From: "Ace Ovil" <aovil@wfubmc.edu>
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Sent: Friday, April 16, 2010 8:36 PM
Subject: Need some advice please

I'm sorry to bother you all,  but I figured some of you had bought and
sold some expensive toys over the years and might know about this.

Let me start by saying I am a broke medical student with almost no
online trading experience.

After putting my EDP on craigslist and here on the list for some time, I
finally decided to sell it on ebay. I had never really sold anything on
the bay before.

Anyway, yesterday it closed for what I think is a great sale price
($760). I was pretty happy.

The winning bidder has 0% feedback  though and the account was started
in January. (Sketchy?) I sent him a message before and after the sale,
but got no response which made me even more nervous. Today I received a
notice from paypal that the payment is pending in my account but won't
be released for 21 days.

Is this normal? Should I ship the Echoplex? Anyone have any advice to
calm my nerves or tell me what to look out for?

Thank you,