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Hey Fro,

For what it's worth,   I had a long talk at the NAMM show with the guy 
from RME.

I have a client that I'm helping to put together a state of the art 
mobile recording studio.

Anyway,   he told me that since there were a plethora of USB 2.0 ports 
on computers compared
to Firewire connections that they developed the RME FIREFACE UC (with 
usb 2.0) as an alternative to the
FIREFACE 400 (with firewire).      He said that he personally thought 
the FIREFACE UC was a better unit
(even though they are about the same price) and that they had worked on, 
and improved the preamplifiers
over the previous unit.

Anyway, on his advice and because my client wanted to go back and forth 
between Windows and Mac
operating systems,  I purchased it for him.

I have to say,  I'm completely blown away (especially because it sounds 
so vastly better than my old and
sickly M Audio Firewire 400 and because I don't have a bat's chance in 
hell of affording one).

The detail in the sound (using an Audio Technica ATM 4033) is amazing 
and the bass is so rich, detailed
and yet,  not overwhelming.

This is one amazing unit and I can't more highly recommend it as a pro 
-audio solution
if you can foot the fifteen hundred bucks or so it costs.

I'm just sayin'!

Rick Walker