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Re: OT: New MBP... or not? (Firewire still necessary?)

Hi Louis

well, congrats to your birthday and your iMac :))

Here is my personal experience with the transition:
I also first considered using Parallels or Bootcamp. But I've kept both 
systems running until I completely switched everything to Mac - now I've 
fully ditched the Windows platform.
So, I'd encourage you to look if you can replace your applications in Mac.
Start here: 
Often, it's slightly different but the result is pretty much the same.
I.e., even replacing ActiveSync worked fine using MissingSync on Mac, it 
now works even better!
Finally, there are a few small tools I like that are Win-only. For these, 
WineBottler has been great: http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/
For example, the mp3 tagger Mp3Tag works great with this.

best regards

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