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Re: Changes #2 posted to You Tube

Beautiful piece...




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On 12 04 2010, at 2:53 AM, Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I put a new studio piece on-line at 
> The sound track was done by long-time friend and 
>pianist/composer/improvisor  Eric Zinman. Eric and I will be performing 
>on Sunday the 18th at the Outpost in Cambridge/
> Changes #2 is the second piece in a series I call Changes. This reverses 
>my usual live improvisatory process. I was asked to perform at an on line 
>media event called The Virtual Sound and Video Festival. I decided that 
>pointing a webcam at my mix would not cut it, so composed a piece that 
>was like my visual improvs, but without the rapid fire cutting I do live.
> I decided to use a lot of different thematic  material, and to try to 
>combine themes in different combinations. This was a different way of 
>working for me and I enjoyed the challenge. Usually, when I do a studio 
>piece it is focused on a single theme, and my live pieces are generally 
>catch as catch can improvisations.
> Changes #1 was done with guitarist Mike Marando, who improvised a 
>soundtrack to the imagery.
> I then gave the video to my long-time friend, pianist Eric Zinman, Eric 
>did not want to try to improvise while watching the video,  but he gave 
>me a number of solo pieces that he performed with the imagery in mind. I 
>took my favorite of the solo pieces, which was six minutes long, and put 
>it in a timeline with my 25 minute video, and chopped out all the video 
>segments that didn't seem to fit.
> I did some further editing to better align the imagery and the music, 
>and the result was Changes # 2.
> BTW Some of my photography can be viewed at