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Re: LP-2? Was Re: looping with M-9 and Lp-1

Just out of curiosity Bob, why did you go with mono operation?  Would
stereo have complicated things too much or raised the cost

Still looking forward to another box on the floor though :-)

> I actually just posted to Facebook and Twitter yesterday.  The LP2 is
> delayed because I decided to have a mechanical designer create a nice 
> for the box. They are making a plastic model next week and the aluminum
> production will start after I approve the model.
> --Bob Amstadt
> On Apr 7, 2010, at 3:18 PM, Dennis Moser <sinsofmachaut@gmail.com> wrote:
> Speaking of ... any word on when we can expect to see this on the
> Looperlative pages?
> About ready to part with some cash ...
> Dennis
> can't wait to get an Lp-2,
> http://audiozoloft.com
> http://usrslashsbin.angrek.com/

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