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Basic RC-50 Question


I've got what I assume is a pretty basic RC-50 question. I know it's  
somewhat sacrilege around here to talk about canned loops, but at the  
risk of having eggs thrown my way, I sheepishly raise my hand to ask  
the following.

Can the RC-50 stop/start canned blips, bleeps, and other assorted  
loops that I can trigger via MIDI from my controller? I believe it has  
99 patches that can store up to 250 MB total? So, I could have a short  
bleep saved in patch 1 that I may want to trigger 2 or 3 times in a  
song, but I could also have a longer  loop saved on patch 2 that might  
play throughout an entire song--etc.?

I suppose what I'm asking is whether or not, in addition to its own  
capabilities as a looper, a tool to create and improvise loops on the  
fly, can it also be used more or less as a device that stores a  
variety of noises and/or full-fledged loops that can then be triggered  
via MIDI program changes as needed during a performance?

Thanks, and I sure hope that made sense. It's been a long day.