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OT: Re: jazz on tele's etc.

Flat wounds, Boy thats where you lose me. Every set of flatwounds save  
one, I've every put on has been taken off really quickly. Flat wounds  
where designed primarily for feel and to lessen finger noise.. Tone ?  
What tone? I know they have become a tradition in the Jazz guitar  
world, but i don't for the life of me understand why. Plenty of  
amazing jazz guitar records were recorded on round wound strings long  
before flat wounds came on the scene. It seems that one can achieve a  
darker tone with a tone control,have a  broader spectrum acoustic tone  
( particularly on a fine hand made solid wood archtop ) and still have  
the option for a brighter electric tone as well. The one set of  
flatwounds I did  like were Pyramid strings like the Beatles used,  
talk about scarce and expensive, yikes!  They felt really comfortable  
but still had a some treble zing. I like pure nickel wrapped strings  
as the nickel feels softer than nickel plated steel and is  less  
shrill when you first put them on and warmer overall. I use GHS  
Santana strings (formally called Big Core), either 11 1/2 or 12   
through 56 on my tele, and a  10 1/2 through 48 on my strat.  Speaking  
of strings I've been very impressed with two other signature sets from  
GHS, The Muriel Anderson Classics which were a great surprise, and the  
Laurence Juber  signature acoustics which are slightly brighter than  
standard phosphor bronze, and longer lasting than any strings I've  
tried that aren't coated. Coating ugh, not a fan of coated strings.