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ot: jazz on a tele...

i have nothing to add to the jazz on tele list: bickert i remember him from an article in GP back in 80s, i will put my vote in for danny gatton, he demos it on his telemaster dvd-i just watched that a few days ago, he can do the  wes montgomery thing pretty well, i think he uses the neck pu (he had double blade bardens) and rolls off the treble...it sounded scary good jazzy to me, m. stern of course, and last summer i saw bill frisell playing live in our li'l town-and he played a stock tele w/ a fender something amp (i honestly don't know my fender amps that well)--he did some looping stuff-which was amazing (the crowd was a bit "huh, noise, what?"-but it was cool), but he mostly played jazz stuff on his tele, and it sounded amazingly like JAZZ!!!

i will to this day never understand the "you need a certain guitar" to play "certain music" thing. just play what you got....i will say that when i was in NYC back in '95 for my whirlwind 24 hr tour-we saw some jazz guitarist guy (he was good) playing a big gibson semi hollow jazz box guitar-and it was the warmest sounding thing i'd ever heard, but i will say that since then i've heard gatton, frisell,& others play jazz on teles and it's pretty close to the warm sound people associate w/ "jazz".