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Re: OT - Rick's rhythm intensive

I AM impressed and maybe just a little jealous, cos there no way I could do that in a million years.

I can see...That's the same I thought when Bernhard showed it.
...but after practicing for 3 months i was able to do what you've seen.
It's like you teach your body to automate the movements. When the musical pattern became a phisical pattern the job is done !

Theres a famous actors quote from Alec Guinness to Dustin Hoffman, after Hoffman spent the night on the street, because "his character was supposed to have spent the night on the street.. Guiness said.. "Why dont you try acting darling?"

I'm tempted to say... "Why don't you use a drum machine?"...

Different kind of fun...and ....usually I cannot plug a drum machine when I'm in my car stressed by the long traffic cue or bring it in my pockets, which are things I can do with thelevi :-)

oops sorry!

Im gonna get me one of those thing's and see what I can make of it...

You can !



On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 9:26 PM, Fabio_A <eterogenus@gmail.com> wrote:
When you had a number on the screen saying 7 for example, was that one click every 7 shakes? Cos that not what I call a time signature really, its just a clikc every 7 shakes..
Mark, when you see 7, it means that I'm playing a pattern of 7 beats.
For a better understanding: the pattern in 7 can be write like this:
1    2    3   4    5    6    7          (beats)
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x       (shakes)
c            c                             (cliks)
the "groove" for me was the shakes... and (being pretty rudimentary rhythmically (fave drummer Mo Tuck))  my foot was still four on the floor, it was not pushed to to a new rhythm...
even with the 3 or 5 or 7 patterns ?
Maybe, you can't feel it because ther's no strong accent defining the patterns.
I like the sound of musical poly rhythms (5 note riffs against 6 note for ex) but this seems to be an (extremely clever and unbelievably skillful) exercise in juggling...
What I can say is that this "toy" has really improved my rhythm skill. 

 Thanks for watching !
- fabio