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Re: Recommendations for Microphone and Archtop or Acoustic Guitar

Louie Angulo schrieb:
> ive tried the c1000 is quite nice as well but somehow the AT seems to 
> be more of whati m looking for my brother had an early at 2050 and i 
> was impressed with its quality recording acoustics!
> cheers
> Luis
I always found the C1000 to be very peculiar - a contributor on (I think 
it was) recording.org once described it as "it has both too much and not 
enough hi-mids/his at the same time", and that basically nails it - I 
like to use it for close-miking percussion or drum OH if I'm after a 
very Eighties sound.

Apart from that, it's very much a swiss army knife of a 
microphone...will run on battery power and is very reliable.

The AT4050 is what I use for basically everything which does call for a 
large-diaphragm mike but at a little more distance than close-miking, 
e.g. on vocals in combination with a Solidtube 
(http://moinlabs.de/uploads/pics/ws_voc.jpg, although you may call this 
example over-engineering, since it was done to only capture a short 
shout: http://bit.ly/aDQ7GC).

Summary: the AT4050 is good for everything. The C1000 is a little 
special in its sound characteristics, but contrary to the AT you won't 
need to worry subjecting it to rough handling on the road.


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