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Re: Shielding, on further investigation

Bill, we just have to go all acoustic...back to our roots.  Ready?  :)

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> Now my head really hurts, I tried some more tests to recreate the  
> weird hum i was experiencing and realized the two instruments that  
> were susceptible where the two with duncan mag mic active pickups in  
> them, which also brings up the possibility that an aging 9 volt  
> battery might be also culprit.  Put if that were the case I'd probably  
> here the high pitched whine regardless of whether I was looping or  
> not. The difficulty is that it might be a number of things happening  
> to cause the problem. One thing I did try the last time this happened  
> was to put a buffer amp in the signal path which also cured the issue.  
> Puzzling .. weird, ghosts in the machine........ And then again its  
> probably just the ancient overworked electrical system in our  
> house................
> Bill