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anyone want to swap their Beige EDP for a Black EDP Pro Plus

Hi Guys, I have been out and about gigging a lot so havent been active for a long time on here.

I have finally admitted to myself that I need a rebuild of my pedalboard and effects rack.

I have squeezed as much as I possibly can out of the space I have available but have hit a sticking point

because of the unusual and apparantly rare way I use my EDP and the updated CE spec, my blackface needs a DI box which up to now has sat in my racks back part. my new design doesnt have room for a back element and I really am keen to keep my setup plug in and go (which is possible with my 2 older whiteface edps which only have the older 1 ground point spec.

Andy Ewan has cinfirmed that there is nothing wrong with my setup (just the way I choose to use it, and that the Blackface unit is actually QUIETER when used correctly in a studio environment or through a DI etc which again from my old setup I can concur.

so basically what Im asking is if anyone onlist would like to swap their old whitefaced EDP for a very good condition Blackface?

I would be happy to throw in TWO official controller units as a sweetener as I control all my EDPs through custom pedals.

Like I say, if you are using your EDP in normal situations you will actually get better audio to noise...I just want a final solution to my ground loop on the go!!


Phill MyOneManBand

PS Im in the UK.

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