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Re: Syncing Eigenharp Pico with Boss RC-50

Hi Kayla

> I actually do not like software. If a small box would do what
> Mainstage/Mobius does I would rather use that box. It is indeed a
> mystery why someone doesn't make and sell such boxes.

Same here. So far, I've used to pedalboards, one with RC-50 (and tons of 
switches... ;-) and one with effects.
With Mobius+Mainstage + some midi controllers (simple Korg Nano* will do 
for me mostly), I now have a setup doing exactly what I want - nothing 
more or less. And it's very portable & flexible.
So, unless you're 100% happy with your setup, I can encourage you to 
switch from RC-50 to Mobius :)

best regards
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