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Re: Syncing Eigenharp Pico with Boss RC-50


> Im sure Per will try to get you to sell the foot pedal and rout the eigen
> software thru bidule and Mobius.. eh Per ?? ;-)

Not at all. I am definitely not "a software prophet"! I really
couldn't care less

Ha ha! I was only teasing you Per, as you well know!

I'm certainly not a HARDWARE prophet myself! I'm sure I could do all that I do on software.. (in fact probably with out all the quirks and glitches that come from mixing lots of manufactures boxes) and I often take time out to try to do it in software, but truthfully, its just that my day jobs (yes I have 2) are both based on a computer and well... sometimes I just don't wanna look at a screen for any more hours!!!

Its one of the reasons that I'm drawn to the Alpha actually.. maybe with an instrument that is so all encompassing,  I could just get rid of all this...


... paint the room black, turn the light out...

... and play...

.. man!

Regards ... Mark

PS; Bastards about the competition delay, what wankers Kayla!!! Donīt they want to give it to a talented Irish hottie?