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Re: Looperlative & Novation Remote Zero?

>> "(You can create Looperlative buttons to get to 100% feedback, 90%,  
>> 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, and 30% by setting to 100% and then  
>> working down in steps of 10%.)"

hey Mark do what Simeon sez and what I also do,  have feedback on a  
continuous controller pedal, easy to get any amount of feedback you  
want that way, great for morphing loops while in overdub ,way fun  
happy happy, P.S. it is also possible with the LP-1 to emulate to a  
degree, sus type commands in  quantize replace mode simply, by  
duplicating the command on one preset switch for example: a command I  
use a lot is is  quantize replace/ quantize replace with quantize set  
to 16. one button press replaces a 16th of the overall loop length.   
This is great for creating percolating sequencer-like patterns and  
glitchy stuff. The fact that you can set a different quantize function  
for each of the eight tracks can conjure up some interesting an near  
limitless combinations of  polyrhythms.