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Re: SoftStep - almost ultimate MIDI foot

Nope, believe me, I've tried. But my attempts at getting a prototype have failed
Seems like I have to wait like everyone else ;-)

On Feb 21, 2010, at 12:19 PM, William Walker wrote:

did you see this demo of the soft step i took at NAMM? To reiterate,  my only concerns with this really cool device is the feel and possible latency of this type of soft style controller, the potential for false triggering if assigning different XYZ access functions to a single pedal, the fact that the second row of pedals is the same height  as the first and that it has one measly expression port with an 1/8th trs jack and midi only as an option, not an issue with a lap dog like yourself. Other than that it sure is one sexy beast and super powerful. Of course all of these concerns could evaporate if the thing works great. They didn't really have it working to the point that one could actually play with it but it sure looked impressive. I imagine Zoe will be the first to get her mitts on it when available. Zoe, any news? have you got hold of a working prototype?