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re:Looperlative & Novation Remote Zero?

"Any recommendations on controllers to use with the Looperlative? I've  
been eyeing the Novation Remote Zero, but I figure actual experience  
is better than just reading specs. I probably need some level of foot  
control, but the big thing for me is ease of exploiting the mixing and  
other capabilities on the Looperlative.

Coming from the EDP, it's interesting how the Looperlative though  
technically very controllable feels relatively difficult to control  
without a dedicated controller.


I'm curious as to why you are exploring this option  instead of a good  
foot controller, for hands free operation. I deal with mixing using  
track next and track previous switches on  my foot controller and a  
dedicated expression pedal assigned to volume to control volume for  
individual tracks or do an all tracks press and then use the volume  
control.  Though i keep my expression pedals fixed from bank to bank  
and don't use panning live, any decent midi controller that is  
programmable starting with the much maligned but very functional  
FCB1010 , can be programed to control any parameter.