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Looperlative & Novation Remote Zero?

Mark Hamburg wrote:
"Coming from the EDP, it's interesting how the Looperlative though
technically very
controllable feels relatively difficult to control without a dedicated

Gosh, Mark, you seem to have missed one of the absolutely hippest features
the Looperlative.

The fact that it doesn't have a dedicated controller was created 
so that one could have a choice in how their virtual 'dedicated'
controller could
be laid out.

You take any midi pedal on the market.........and instantaneously assign
it to
whatever function you want it to me on the Looperlative.

It means, in an incredible simple way (it takes all of 30 seconds to learn
how to program
any midi pedals on the market and instantaneously),  that YOU become part
of the design
team of the unit.

You functions can be laid out simply and quickly in any order you wish
them to be laid out.

I had a malfunction of my midi pedals at NAMM a couple of years back and
it took me
a mere 5 minutes to program 4 complex banks of functions on a
Berhringer FCB1010.

I didn't worry about any programming on the FCB whatsoever.

That being said and done,   the FCB  does a great job with the
Looperlative but
many, including myself, don't like what a large footprint it has.

Here is a good comparison chart of Midi pedals that are out there.

The amazing thing is that whichever one appeals to you (and if you can
find some of the cooler
now out of print models)  will work easily with the Looperlative.

That was one of Bob's strokes of genius in inventing the LP-1 in my 

Feel free to write me or call me off list if you would like some help with
getting to know it better.
I have to say I"m very, very happy with mine.