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RE: A multi channel looper

Yes, that would work great, but I think a multiply function was pretty important to him if I recall. I’m not sure about the twenty but I know the RC-2 will not do this because I have one. I think the Rc-20’s cannot either, but I could be wrong on this. For me, that would be a deal breaker and it’s the main reason I sold my otherwise awesome 2880.

If there is anything I have learned from pouring money into this bottomless pit of looping gear over the last few years, it is to get what you want right off the bat because you will end up spending more money in the long run if you don’t. For me at least, it is a  pretty bad disease.  

Once I get a piece of gear that can’t do what I envision musically, all I think about when I’m playing is “it sure would be nice if it could do X”.  I don’t feel the same way about other instruments though, I can live with a guitar, bass,  sax or drum kit  that doesn’t have “quite the right tone” I envision but as soon as a  looper limits my creativity I get annoyed with it,

Maybe I’m just a glass half empty kind of guy but would any of you agree with this?



From: scott hansen [mailto:evanpeewee@yahoo.com]
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Subject: A multi channel looper


i'm not sure i would call it a multi-channel looper,
but when i had my original boss RC-20 (the one w/ the 4 min of looping time, the xl has 16 min), it has an input for instrument (your choice-i used a guitar) & it has a microphone input. there was an input level for each (mic & instr).

whether this would be considered "mutli-channel" i don't know. i never did use the mic option, i just used it for guitar.  but i think the idea for it is solo performer (or band) could record guitar/voice things (or anything w/ microphone) and then layer on top, etc. so if you just needed it to supplement live stuff, guitar/voice (or keyboards) it would probably work. and it does reverse nice and easy. the original one like i had (the 4 min recording time) you can get pretty cheap and try it out. i think i got mine a yr ago for 150$, so they're in that range or cheaper now.... obviously if you need lots of recording time, the rc20xl is newer, & last i checked them, they were still going a bit higher-they were out of my price range when i was looking....
i know a few people i've seen in past use one was kaki king, john scofield, i'm sure there are more out there...
some thoughts. good luck,