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Re: OT: neumann repair in California?

If the M 147 is anything like the M149, that's true!  Klaus I don't think will touch it - I tried to get him to work on my M149.  Don't know about David Bock.  I've sent a note to a friend at Neumann to see who could do this without refinancing your home.  Should get an answer back in the next day or so if that's okay.


On Feb 9, 2010, at 8:22 AM, Charles Zwicky wrote:

Hi Zoe,

Some of these new Neumann mics are built using surface mounted components, and actually require a board swap from Neumann, so prepare yourself....

In the meantime talk to David Bock:

or Klaus Heyne

(503) 695-3410

Or James Gangwer:

(510) 912-0515

-Chuck Zwicky

I have an M147 that is very noisy (sounds like the ocean)...I'm guessing it needs a new tube, but really I don't know.
Anyone know a place that repairs Neumann mics?
Hoping for somewhere in California, but I suppose I could ship it farther.

thanks, Zoe