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In search for a (cheap, but as long as possible) delay with varispeed pedal,

yes, i am searching for one also:
god would some CO. out there make a delay based looper that had maybe 16 sec of delay that would hold and capture the sound info and allow you to manipulate it (i guess sort of like the lexicon pcm 42 that DT demos in tape 2 of his "painting w/ sound vid from early 90s or i suppose the vids i've seen of a belew & nels cline working w/ original eh 16sec DDL--but not have it cost 1000$)....
yes yes yes i want something-
-i have a e-h smm w/ hazarai-the delay mode is ok-doesn't really do variaspeed, in the loop mode it will go slow (down 1/2), fast (up 2 times) & reverse, but the bummer for me, is you have to hold switch down to capture-i prefer the boss method of taping switch on to record, tapping again to turn off...
honestly-the best variaspeed delay i've had was an ibanez de7-which i wish i wouldn't have sold, and i'm debating buying another one.. nice thing it goes to 2.6 sec, downer-is it doesn't go 100% feedback-most repeats i counted was about 10...but it did a great slow-fast variaspeed-b/c i just saw me demo it on one of my old vids that i just turned into our local PATV.
i'm also looking/debating the guyatone md-3-it also has 2.6 sec...the bad thing the youtube vids i've watched noone really plays w/ the time part of it, they mainly just set time for specific delay & play-so it shows that i use my delay different than most--bummer for me. (ANY ONE HAVE/PLAYED W/A GUYATONE MD-3???)
i know people talk about the old digitech delays-
-i had a digidelay-& it did the variaspeed ok, not great.
-i will say the digitech DL8 works decent in 8 sec mode-not exact, but doable
-i guess the boss dd7 did it ok, but really only has 3.2 sec-the 6.4 sec-you had to use it in stereo out mode...-and i will say the sound of it started to annoy me after awhile-i think the DL8 is much better.
-i suppose the DD20 is an option-i also didn't love it-in the 23 sec mode, it had a very strange warping sound-like it didn't really hold the information at all
-i've been curious about the Boss RE-20, it supposedly has 6 sec of delay-but none of the vids have shown anyone using 6 sec or doing short loops w/ it...
i have debated emailing ibanez begging them to take their de7-make it have 100% feedback and see if they could make it go to 6 sec or longer---that would be ideal for me...
oh well...anyone's help in this would be great...as i too am looking....