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Re: airlines regulations - no instruments on board?

in rasputina we used a company called soundmoves...but it was pretty  
darn expensive.

...and stressful...once they left our cellos (in flight cases) on the  
tarmac in LAX...then lost them for 2 days. meanwhile we had to  
scrounge up rental cellos.

we never used them for anything except amps after that.

On Feb 4, 2010, at 7:56 AM, Milo wrote:

> For long trips the best way to transfer instruments and gear is to use
> a freight company. They will take your flight cases, load them on a
> pallet with other people's cases and stuff, put the pallets on a cargo
> plane and ship to the destination. .
> You then take the regular passenger plane and when you get to the
> destination you go to the freight company's office (or to their local
> partner's office) and collect your flight cases. The same can be done
> on your way back or with any in between stops, you just have to
> arrange this with the company before you start the trip/tour.
> This way, your instruments and gear are 100% insured for their value
> (whatever happens to them you get the amount that you agreed with the
> company), they are transported by professionals who know how to
> actually load cargo on a plane (no more guitars destroyed because the
> $#@$$@ luggage driver left them on the tarmac) and they are not
> exposed to thieves and criminals, because the cargo area is completely
> isolated from the passenger area and it is treated as top security by
> the airport authorities.
> Also, when your gear has a cargo status, it is not exposed to the
> incompetent security personnel that you usually meet during check-in.
> No more stupid questions, no more "what does this thing do? please
> turn it on to see if it's a bomb", no more gear stolen by security
> personnel that knows how much a Peterson tuner costs. Only the most
> experienced and well trained are allowed to work in air cargo areas
> and they are under the 24/7/365 watch of cctv cameras. They like their
> job, they treat it with the same respect a musician treats his studio
> sessions.
> There is a reason why drug and gun dealers and terrorists avoid using
> cargo services. They know they will get caught before the pallet even
> gets out of the cargo room...
> On 12/28/09, Erdem Helvacioglu <erdemhel@tnn.net> wrote:
>> hi,
>> i have read in the news that there are some new regulations  
>> regarding the
>> airlines security for planes travelling to, from and in usa. the  
>> news says
>> that the passengers are not allowed to take anything on board. well  
>> does
>> that mean that we are not allowed to take our instruments and  
>> laptops on
>> board? do you have any news about that? i will be in usa for various
>> productions in june-july2010. and this got me a little worried.
>> thanks and best. wish everyone the best in 2010.
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