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Re: OT Which Desert Island Stomp Box Pedal in each Category Wouldyou Choose

Chris Sewell schrieb:
> Might I suggest he take his fat wallet and go to a good music store 
> and use his ears to determine what he wants. He sounds like a big boy. 
> I'm sure he's capable.
The value of your time (and this includes your spare time) increases as 
your earnings increase. If you're making $5 an hour, then a three-hour 
trip to the music store costs you $15. If you're making 400/hour to 
fill your fat wallet, then that same trip suddenly costs you $1200 (and 
if you're not earning money at all and plundering the welfare system, 
like the relative majority of people in Germany, then it costs you 
nothing, but you would most probably not go anyway because you're too 
lazy, but I digress).

The solution for this? Hire somebody who has more expertise than you (so 
he might find those pedals in only 1.5h) and/or makes less money (so he 
will be happy if you pay him $50 per hour), try to explain to him what 
you're looking for, and suddenly you've saved yourself $1125. It's 
called "consulting".


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