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Re: OT Which Desert Island Stomp Box Pedal in each Category Wouldyou Choose

My 2 cents.
This might sound crazy, but, as he has lots of money and you are  
clearly getting a different answer from every response. Might I  
suggest he take his fat wallet and go to a good music store and use  
his ears to determine what he wants. He sounds like a big boy. I'm  
sure he's capable.

On Feb 3, 2010, at 1:38 AM, Rick Walker wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a client who has a fair amount of money.
> He has asked me to recommend him the best stomp box pedal
> in one of several different categories.   He is a simple metal  
> player so
> he's not interested in a lot of the more esoteric pedals that I  
> normally use
> for more experimental purposes.
> I know that, as an example,  my brother Bill, really loves
> his Zen Drive and also a particular light weight but not- 
> inexpensive compressor
> that he uses.
> So,  if you don't mind taking the time,
> and you had to pick only one stomp box pedal in each of the  
> following categories
> what would they be?   By the way,   he's not at all interested  
> large pedals (double pedals)
> (like the Line 6 or large Boss multi-pedals),  He wants small  
> footprint
> stompbox pedals
> Finally,  simplicity, small footprint and ease of use are high  
> priorities.
> Here are my own recommendations for what it's worth:
> DAED DS-1 DISTORTO SYNTH   (very inexpensive and wonderful DAED  
> hack of a
> Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal)
> Boss CE-2    (just don't know enough about pricier botique  
> ones.....any suggestions?)
> Boss Flanger
> *
> Electro Harmonix Bad Stone
> The cool one my brother has but he's not home right now so I can't  
> remember it's name
> *
> ?
> *
> ?
> *
> Boss P-5 Intellishifter
> *Alesis Ampliton
> DAED 'Juicy Wah'      (DAED's inexpensive 'hack of a Crybaby wah  
> pedal)