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Re: RC 50 output issue

Try running your main outs to a direct box.  thats seemed to smoothe
things out for me....

> Does anyone know what might cause a slight distortion in an output
> signal, in this case from an RC 50, enough to be audible in a p.a.
> system, but NOT in the headphones of the RC 50.  All levels seem to be
> normal.  The output distortion is audible in both L and R channels
> when going to the PA.
> This is an acoustic guitar going through several stages including a
> Fishman Blender, a POD X3 LIve, and a couple of small pedals to the
> Boss, so several opportunities for clipping, but I don't know why it
> would distort in the main outputs and not in the headphones.
> I'm missing something obvious, yes?
> John

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