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Re: OT Which Desert Island Stomp Box Pedal in each Category Would you Choose

For Distortion the Marshall Shredmaster is amazing and for chorus i would always go to the Electro Harmonix Small Clone.

Hope this helps.

Matt Stevens

On 3 Feb 2010, at 06:38, Rick Walker wrote:

Hi all,

I have a client who has a fair amount of money.

He has asked me to recommend him the best stomp box pedal
in one of several different categories.   He is a simple metal player so
he's not interested in a lot of the more esoteric pedals that I normally use
for more experimental purposes.

I know that, as an example,  my brother Bill, really loves
his Zen Drive and also a particular light weight but not-inexpensive compressor
that he uses.

So,  if you don't mind taking the time,
and you had to pick only one stomp box pedal in each of the following categories
what would they be?   By the way,   he's not at all interested large pedals (double pedals)
(like the Line 6 or large Boss multi-pedals),  He wants small footprint
stompbox pedals

Finally,  simplicity, small footprint and ease of use are high priorities.

Here are my own recommendations for what it's worth:

DAED DS-1 DISTORTO SYNTH   (very inexpensive and wonderful DAED hack of a
Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal)

Boss CE-2    (just don't know enough about pricier botique ones.....any suggestions?)

Boss Flanger
Electro Harmonix Bad Stone

The cool one my brother has but he's not home right now so I can't remember it's name
Boss P-5 Intellishifter

*Alesis Ampliton

DAED 'Juicy Wah'      (DAED's inexpensive 'hack of a Crybaby wah pedal)