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Re: OT was David Torn,Terry Bozzio,Tony Levin,Pat Mastelotto NAMM2010

At 12:50 PM -0800 1/31/10, Toby G wrote:
>>Methinks the souring of his relationship with Chapman has more to 
>>do with Mr Fresno's personality quirks than with Chapman himself.
>The lawsuits are long over afaik.  There is objective information 
>available on the internet regarding the legal proceedings as well as 
>less objective bloggage from the parties involved.

I think you're entirely correct here.  FWIW, the primary parties seem 
to have all reached an (albeit uneasy) accord.  And while nobody 
involved are exactly kissing cousins, the vitriol, accusations, and 
name-calling seems to have abated (well, with the possible exception 
of Traktor Topaz; and even Traktor seems much *more* amiable than in 
the past, as long as you don't poke him and force a response.  I've 
even seen him trying to be helpful over on the Stickist list, but 
very few people over there have yet to entirely trust him, it seems).

It seems that, by and large, it's the fanboys and drama-whores who 
keep dragging up this feud, as the major participants themselves have 
long since chilled out.

"the wind in my heart; the dust in my head...."