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Re: Live Audience Attendance: Up or Down in your city?

we have a show next friday night, me as PA guy+dj (lol!). presenting a new album of a local band, (15-20 thousand hab.) and we expect 50-70 people. but i must admit that "l'ateneu arrels" holds some kind of social task around here that people respects. so this helps. it's not for profit & even though, we manage to save money, through the year (we run a cheapo bar inside) that mostly goes for the bands, talks, ... etc. for the friday, we prepare a snack for all at 21h. (only 5), afterwards, comes the gig, plus, djing until ... :-) 6a.m. we've even reached 300-400 people, but in spring-summer time, when we take the street. we like parties (to say the least!).


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