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Re: Fripp-Amplification

I know in the studio running digital stuff through an analogue summing box makes a world of difference.  Subtle at first but then grows. 

I think if it was me and I didn't wanna take all the amps etc to gigs (which I wouldn't), I would get a Fatso (Empirical Labs).  Expensive, but if you want to really sweeten the sound, this (or something like it) would probably do it.    Plus, it would be handy in the studio.

Pretty spendy though.  I'll think about other options.  It seems your rig probably sounds great though.  Tube power amps?  (I know the JC 120 isn't) Tubes are hard to beat for warmth and tone.  But it must be pretty loud onstage. 

On Jan 15, 2010, at 2:37 PM, david kirkdorffer wrote:

Personally - as a guitar player - I HATE the sound of my looping rig direct to monitors. 
I much prefer to go through stereo ((4x10) x2) bass cabs and 1000 watts of amplification feeding them.  
Smaller gigs - a JC 120 AND a Fender Bandmaster head into a 15 inch bass speaker. 
Really small locations, just the JC120.
And trust me I am hitting some crazy lows and hi's with my set-up.  
Having 2  layers of compression helps though! :-)