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Re: Fripp-Amplification

Has anyone tried the AER 60 for soundscapes, maybe with extra speakers?

On Jan 15, 2010, at 10:06 AM, Toby G wrote:

You may not even need the direct box if you want to plug into the PA.  A bass amp would work better for you than those guitar amps.
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Subject: Fripp-Amplification

My problem with amplifying my ambient soundscapes is that the
keyboardsounds I use with my Roland GR 20 Guitarsyntesizer donīt work well with my guitar amps
(Roland Jazz Chorus, Laney, Fender Deluxe).
On a photo on Frippīs website I noticed that he seems to
use an active box system for amplification when heīs doing
his soundscapes in churches.
Does anyone know more about this and could you recommend a good system thatīs not too expensive?
Here is the link to the church where you can see the set up of Fripp: