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Re: Ditching the computer...

yeah Chris right on man, we met briefly in the loop festivals but i 
remeber talking to you and we both agreed right away that interaction in 
the looping festivals or any jamming involved with so much talent around 
was missing,the hightlight for me of the last festival in Santa Cruz 
besides meeting so many wonderful people was jamming together with 
kevin,im also coming back to my roots of songwriting, trying to sing 
better and playing better guitar though the looping journey has been quite 
an experience.

> After over a year of contemplating this, I have decided to
> simplify my life and ditch the laptop and music
> software.  Yes, it's true...the guy who was the
> posterchild for eliminating hardware and had built such as
> sweet system is changing approaches yet
> again. :)   What am I playing now?  Eastman
> archtop jazz guitar and amp. That's it. Time to
> focus and get real, spend less time on the computer and
> more time playing with human beings.   I will be
> keeping an old laptop with some editing software, but that
> is it. 

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