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Re: OT: how to get ambient sound in IEM?

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 5:01 PM, George Ludwig
<georgeludwigmusic@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the the info! One of the reasons why I like the IEM so much is
> that I can listen to a click track for the looper that the audience 
> hear.

Like a DJ doing beat matching! Not the most effective way to turn on
an audience ;-)

Inviting the audience to take part in the the full music/sound
creation process may sometimes win your more fans than providing an
audio presentation of the music that sounds perfect from the first
second till the coda.

> Besides the fact that I can totally control
> how much volume I'm exposing my ears to, which is also very important.

That's a very good thing. With my
all-acoustic-bleeding-into-the-sound-field method I'm wearing custom
moulded minus 15 dB silicon in-ear plugs. They block volume but keep a
fairly correct frequency respons. And they are soft to prevent a
deafening glitch to open if you should sing or take a zip of a drink.

> I'm surprised that Sensaphonics is the only company that makes an IEM
> solution that has built-in ambient mics. It's a really trick solution, 
> the mics are actually in the earbuds, and deliver a normal hearing
> experience (i.e. with full 3-D cues as to where sound is coming from). 
> designed to let you talk on stage with other musicians etc.
> But I found that the system starts at 2000USD! Pretty freaking expensive.

Ouch! A related product I heard about is these covering cans that also
have microphones on the outside. They are adding a phase inverted tiny
signal of the outer world to the music you are listening to and since
this happens only for one ear the outer noise is then being phase

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen